Frequently Asked Questions

Which meal plan should I choose?

All students residing on campus must have a Meal Plan. For other students, any meal plan is a good choice. Plans with Flex Dollars give you the flexibility to buy convenience items for your room. Please be aware that meal plan weeks run from Tuesday to Wednesday.

How are my meals counted every week?

Meals are counted on a weekly basis beginning with Breakfast on Tuesday and ending with Dinner Monday evening.

Can I carry out food from the Wertz Dining Hall?

If you are in a hurry, you can give your Lycoming ID to the cashier and receive a carry-out container. You will have a short period of time to quickly get something to take with you. The carry-out option is available daily and can only be used once per meal period at lunch and dinner.  Click on this for the rules.

Can I add more Flex Dollars during the semester?

Yes, you can. Additional Flex Dollars may be purchased online at:  If you purchase $50 or more in flex, you will receive 10% extra purchasing power.  For example:  $50 purchase gets you $55 in spending.

Do remaining Flex Dollars carry over to the next semester?

Yes, Flex Dollars carry over from semester to semester during the academic year, but balances on all Flex Dollar accounts are cleared at the end of the spring semester.

Can Flex Dollars be used at dining locations?

Yes, Flex Dollars can be used at all dining locations. Flex Dollars do not replace the requirement for a student living on campus to purchase a meal plan each semester. For additional information regarding Flex Dollars Click Here

If I live off-campus, what meal plans are available to me?

As an off-campus non-resident student, you are not required to buy a meal plan, but they are all available to you.  Consider purchasing flex dollars - for any amount above $50, you will receive an additional 10% in spending power.  For example, a $50 purchase gets you $55 in spending.

What about paying for guests?

You may use cash for all meals. If you have Flex Dollars, you can use your Flex Dollars to pay for guests at Wertz Dining Hall. Carte Blanche and 12 Plan meals can be used for special event meals hosted by student groups.

How can I find out how many Flex Dollars I have left?

Ask any cashier at any dining location to swipe your card to obtain your current balance.